Goodbye to a Great Man

We are greatly saddened to announce the passing of Sport Worcester’s Treasurer Les Bishop.

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Sport Worcester – Annual Report 2012-13

Sport Worcester currently meet 4 times a year to discuss grant applications from talented athletes, exceptional coaches, emerging community projects and worthy school/ club initiatives.

The Leadership team also promote, organise and host the annual Awards night celebrating all the above initiatives and many more personalities / sports participants from Worcester in 16 separate awards that have been presented at the Graeme Hick Suite in Worcestershire County Cricket club for the last three years. This event attracts over 150 attendees including special guests from Olympic events and dignitaries from key positions in the local community.

Grant Awards 2012-13

The eight listed are for the last 6 months of the financial year (2012/2013) and the grants amount to £2400. In the whole year we gave out £2850.

They represent a wide range of disciplines and sports.

1 Anna Price:

A triathlete who was chosen to represent Team GB in two World Championship events, Aquathon and Triathlon in New Zealand

Grant £300

2. Melissa Griffiths:

Ten year old Melissa was chosen for the England Karate squad in the European Waddokai Championships

Grant £300

3. Trent Smith:

A talented boxer, seventeen year old Trent has been Midlands champion three times and has reached the semi-finals in the English Nationals. He was Awarded Young Male Personality at the 2012 Sports Award evening.

Grant £300 for equipment

4. Alex Lloyd:

We have helped Alex before. He is a very talented Fencer who is currently being developed by the senior GB Olympic coach. At the age of seventeen years, he is ranked 24th in the senior world rankings and number one England

Grant £300 towards equipment

5. Nixie Turner:

A teenage triathlete who was a West Midlands champion in the T53 class in2012 and T52 class in 2010. To compete at this level she needs equipment and our grant has gone towards a new bicycle.

Grant £250

6. Sara Essa:

Currently a UK Level 2 netball coach who wishes to attend the English Excellence workshops. Our grant was to pay for these. She coaches at RGS, is coach to the Worcestershire Development squad and manages the West Midlands Warriors.

Grant £150

7 Rhythmics Gymnastics Club Worcester:

This club was formed in 2011 and currently trains 62 gymnasts, boys and girls aged 4-15 years. Aim to develop a competitive squad. Have already won medals in regional competitions. Our grant went to complete the purchase of a special mat for which they had raised nearly all the money.

Winners of the Club of the Year in 2012 Sport Worcester Awards and the BBC H&W Newcomer of the Year 2012

Grant £500

8 Worcester Triathlon Club:

This club has trained national and international triathletes for many years. One piece of equipment they did not have was an underwater camera, a techniques used to correct the athletes strokes.

Our grant has enabled them to purchase a top-of-range camera

Grant £300

Total grants = £2400

We have ordered stickers and labels in the name of Sport Worcester onto recipient’s clothes and equipment


Plans for 2013-14 are to consolidate the grant supplied by Worcester City Council and to ensure the usage continues to be administered in the manner in which it has been delivered in the past. This will ensure worthy applicants are scrutinised carefully to ensure they meet the stringent criteria set through the grant awarding committee. This will enable Sport to be continued to be supported in Worcester to allow our local sports athletes and organisers to deliver high quality experiences or expertise and raise standards of participation and keep the city’s profile high in the local and extended community.

Sport Worcester will be visiting and talking to as many grant awarded applicants as possible and increasing promotional opportunities by awarding ‘Sport Worcester’ merchandising benefits to be used on kit/ equipment or clothing, developing stronger links with local media and further developing social media outlets to spread the message. Additionally Sport Worcester will be ensuring links with the City’s Sports Development Unit are enhanced by working closely with the team to promote and support other causes or events and activities and strengthening partnerships through the College Sports Maker at Worcester College of Technology, other educational institutions and Worcestershire Sports Partnership.

Challenges for Sport Worcester are to ensure continuity by seeking to appoint volunteers from the community or education to replace the outstanding success of the City Council’s internship placement which concludes this year, to actively seek new funding methods to ensure greater sustainability and to ensure the group continue to extend their support deeper into the community by promoting and celebrating success of Worcester’s athletes, coaches and organisers.

Prepared by Les Bishop and Andy Price

11 March 2013

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