ASPIE is a social self-help group for adults with Asperger’s where members with do not have to ‘pretend to be normal’.  The low pressure environment, tailored to their needs, allows them to breathe joining in board games, discussions and quizzes, guitar night, meals out etc., plus computer/internet access for strategic games, job searches, CV preparation, course work etc.

Because of the nature of the condition and the lack of understanding of Asperger’s, being able to participate in any activity  together as members of ASPIE banishes the paranoia and crippling anxiety which can prevent individuals with Asperger’s undertaking events individually.

We are all aware that physical activity releases feel good chemicals in the brain which boost confidence and self-esteem, improving concentration and sleeping patterns, all of which helps to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

One or two of our members already attend rock climbing sessions in Worcester and we are delighted that their enthusiasm for this sport has rippled out to others resulting in our being funded by Sport Worcester for 6 of our members to take part in taster 1-2-1 sessions at Vertical Limit where skilled instructors can adjust to each member’s ability and possibly engender an enduring interest in the sport.


Asperger’s Syndrome (part of the autistic spectrum) is a high anxiety lifelong condition.

 ‘Aspie’ is an affectionate name for a person with Asperger’s Syndrome


 (Adults with Asperger’s Syndrome ( a hidden disability) are particularly vulnerable to mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, especially in late adolescence and early adult life) source  National Autistic Society

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