Adam Damadzic – Discus





DOB – 3rd Sep 1992
Birthplace – Worcester, United Kingdom
Nationality – British
Height – 1.86m (6”1)
Weight – 99kg (218lbs)
Coach – Gary Herrington
Club – Birchfield Harriers

The first throw..

My first throw was when I was 15. I had originally started out as a 100m and 200m runner since joining my school RGS Worcester. As I got older I was asked to try a few of the throwing events and after trying the discus I became hooked. After only a few weeks into the sport I came 3rd at the National Schools with a throw of 45.72m, despite being a year younger than most of my competitors.

Since then my passion grew stronger and after joining Birchfield Harriers, a club with international reputation, I was quickly advised to train with Gary Herrington (Former Great Britain Discus Thrower). Having a coach had a huge positive impact and distance grew quickly. Under his guidance for a year I then went on to win the National Schools with a PR of 51.18m which gave me the chance to have my first international competition competing for England, but had unfortunately clashed with other dates. That season I only competed in 4 competitions due to exams and being new to the scene in the athletics world. However, the experience had driven me to excel the season after. As my first year as a U20 athlete and a winters training I threw 50.84m with the 1.75kg and had my first insight into competitions such as the World Junior Trials.

After the 2010 season I had began to get a grip of the training involved for discus and the commitment needed. After a strong winter capitalizing on my speed and agility I opened the season in May with a PR of 55.04m with the 1.75kg. The week after I then had my first international debut competing for Great Britain, and threw the 2kg for the first time, setting a distance of 51.57m. Despite the great start, I had pulled my Pectoral muscle which resulted in weeks out of training, loss of strength, and loss of technical positions. I continued the season months later but didn’t build on my PR and it wasn’t till the end of the season in September when I started to build back on it. All in all 2011 was a positive season, gaining a UK No1 spot on the rankings and maturing as an athlete.

This winter I have gone up a weight with the discus to the 2kg. While on a gap year I have used the time to maximise my training, strengthen my nutrition and commit heavily to throwing the discus. While being able to see my coach 3 times a week and follow his structured training plan I have been able to see massive growth and improvements in my throwing which I hope to reflect in the 2012 season.

2008- 45.72m (1.5kg)
2009- 51.18m (1.5kg)
2010- 50.84m (1.75kg)
2011- 55.04m (1.75kg)
2011- 51.57m (2kg)

Greatest Achievement
Representing Great Britain at the Loughborough International

Favorite exercise in the gym

Future Aims
2016 Olympics and 2017 World Championships