Black Pear Joggers – Visually Impaired Runners

 Name:                 Black Pear Joggers

 Age range:       Young students aged between 12-17 years

Club:                   Black Pear Joggers/New College Running Club

Place of Club: New College Worcester

Sport:                Running

Bio:                    This is an outreach club which supports students aged between 12 and 18 years old with visual impairments to run. It was initially students from New College Worcester. We currently have up to 10 visually impaired students in our club (it has grown from 4 students initially when we started in May 2016). We run with the students every Wednesday evening and started to use the Nunnery Wood running track for our sessions in September 2017. This has enabled us to provide a safe running environment where the pupils can thrive and show their full potential, rather than attempting to navigate the streets of Worcester in the dark, having to navigate obstacles such as kerbs, people and dog walkers. It has also enabled the pupils to try different forms of running such as relays and sprints, which lots of the students haven’t tried before. So we are also enabling them to broaden their running experiences.

Greatest Achievement:  Several students have now completed 5K runs. Two students have run ‘park-run’ with us.

How has the Worcester Sporting Grant helped you?:  The Worcester Sporting Grant has helped train 6 guide runners which have to have the official England Athletics Guide license. It has also enabled us to purchase new professional guide ropes, batons, whistles and cones to support the development of the athletes during track sessions.

Aims for the future:  To get more of our students to run ‘Park-run’ in December 2017.