Joel Khan – High Jump

Name:                                     Joel Khan

Nickname:                            Joel

D.O.B:                                     30/09/1999

Nationality:                          British

Place of Birth:                     Derby

Sport/Play Position:        High Jump

Club:                                       Worcester Athletics Club

Greatest Achievement/s:

In 2015-2016 becoming National Champion.

Qualifying for the European Junior Championships 2017.

Competing for Great Britain at U20 level.

2017 Indoor and outdoor National silver medallist.

English Schools 2017 – Silver Medallist.


How has the Worcester Sporting Grant helped you?

The Worcester sporting grant has enabled me to compete at Nationals in Bedford and Sheffield, this has allowed me to travel and enter the competition supporting my determination to sustaining and achieving further greater successes in my sporting career.


Aims for the future?

2018 – World Junior Medalist

2020 – Selection for Tokyo Olympics