Natasha Allcock – Rock Climbing






Rock Climbing 

DOB – 18th April 1997
Birthplace – Stourbridge
Nationality – British
Coach – Lucinda Whittaker and Steve Thomas

I first climbed when I was 6 at a party at my local wall, and from then all I have been doing is climbing. I have got completely hooked and now I couldn’t imagine life without it. I joined the local club and attended the weekly climbing lesson and now I climb 5 times a week.

I competed in my first ever competition at the age of nine, the competition was the British Regional Youth Climbing Series (BRYCS) Midlands followed by the National Final for competitors finishing in the top three. At this point in time I still only climbed once a week and wasn’t that serious about it. I finished in an overall position of 3rd and qualified for the national final and finished in a very respectable 11th.

Since then I have become very serious about my climbing and have gained a number of good results, two 6th places in Nationals, 7th in the British Lead Climbing Championships 2010, 10th Team Trails (open competition) 2010, 5th In Youth Open Competition 2011 and 7th in the Team Trials December 2011. I came 13th in an Under 16 National Bouldering Championships at the age of 13.

In 2011 I won the Leading Ladder Final held at Cardiff in the middle ability group for u16 girls this was a National competition so it was a great achievement for me.

So far this year I have won the Midlands Championships winning two of the three rounds and finishing 2nd in one of the rounds. I finished 44th position out of 86 female competitors at the Climbing Works International Festival (CWIF) which is an international bouldering competition at The Climbing Works Sheffield this was my first competition against senior competitors (no separate age groups) and I was very pleased with my result beating lots of senior competitors and two British Team members from my age category

I have recently returned from a training trip in Spain, I spent a week climbing outdoors with some of my friends from the British Team. We did some really hard routes which was a good experience

Greatest Achievement
5th Place at a Youth Open Competition (National Competition)

Future Aims

  • Gain a Place on the GB team in the near future
  • Compete for Great Britain in the European Youth Cup

Future goals for 2012

  • To finish in the top 3 at the National Final to be held at Ratho near Edinburgh.
  • Qualify for the finals at the British Bouldering Championships at Sheffield
  • Qualify for the finals of the Lead Climbing Championships at Ratho Edinburgh
  • Get selected for the British team by the end of the year at the team selection competition

I train for two disciplines within the sport of Climbing one being Bouldering which is a lot more to do with strength and power and Lead Climbing which is climbing for a longer period of time so more endurance is needed however I still need a lot of strength and power.

Due to a lot of training that I needed to do and the level of climbing I had, I decided to receive some coaching in order to improve my climbing and get better results to achieve the goals that I wanted to get. So I got in touch with a top climber in the country and approached her for coaching. Lucinda Whittaker has been my coach for about one and a half years and I travel to Sheffield every other week to see her.

I believe that Lucinda has helped me a lot with my technique and training principles. I have progressed very well with my climbing and the results that I am achieving; she is currently helping me to gain a place on the GB Climbing Team which is my biggest goal for my youth. She provides me with a two month training plan and we work together to adapt any issue that arise when I am training. This plan is created so that I gain the most out of my training; there are many areas that we work on endurance, base stamina, strength, power endurance and also my core strength.

I am fully committed to climbing and the training that I do, I climb at least 4 times a week and train my core and strength at least twice a week. Also I travel four/five hours / 260 miles round trip to see my coach every other week this is a large expense at £30 at hour and also the cost of fuel.

I feel like I have the potential and am capable of gaining that place I  so desperately want on the GB team, I am now almost there after all the coaching I have had I have nearly caught up the other girls that have been having coaching for a lot longer.

The biggest expense for me is my parent’s fuel costs, my coaching costs and also costs for the competitions and accommodation. Last year the funding that I received from Sport Worcester helped me greatly with the cost of the fuel to the competitions and accommodation. The funding was greatly appreciated by me and my parents as being a top athlete is very expensive as there is so much commitment and training.

I currently receive sponsorship from Allcord Limited who have very kindly supplied me with climbing equipment for my recent trips to Spain and France and support me throughout the year with climbing shoes, chalk, harnesses etc and I represent them as part of their Climbing Team.