Susannah Barnett

Name:                              Susannah Barnett

D.O.B:                              16/11/1971

Nationality:                   British

Place of Birth:              Crowborough, Sussex

Sport/Play Position:  Rowing



Bio:    Susannah row’s with Worcester Rowing Club and with the University of Worcester Rowing Club. In 2014 Susannah was made City of Worcester Disability Personality of the Year. “I won this award mainly through my sheer determination and desire to learn to row a single scull craft, which many thought i wouldn’t be able to achieve”. After winning the award,  Susannah wanted to give back to the community and inform others of her rowing experience leading to develop something of a speakers role on her sporting experiences as a visually impaired athlete.   

Susannah is not only visually impaired but also has a muscular abnormality (Dystonia) causing her walking gait and balance to be affected.

I also have a mental health illness (Depression, Severe Anxiety and PTSD) and I am also Autistic. Through rowing I not only gained a physical activity I could do, (it does not matter if you are blind as everyone rows backwards anyway!). Rowing not only helped me physically but it also helped me fight mental illness, in being able to get out of the house and break isolation, meet people and exercise. Perhaps most importantly being able to feel that I had not only achieved something, but done something, that certainly no one else in the region had ever done, by racing in this way,  and maybe nationally as well“.

Sport became her ‘occupation’ and a route, towards increasing her well-being. Susannah also plays Blind cricket for the GB Ladies Blind Cricket, having first started her cricketing career at Old Elizabethans Cricket club in Worcester.

Greatest Achievement:

Winning Novice Point against Mainstream Rowers

Completing the ‘Great Ouse’ rowing marathon

How has the Worcester Sporting Grant helped you?: 

The Worcester sporting Grant has enabled me to achieve improved performance in training. My aim is to travel to Maidenhead Rowing Club, once a month to take advantage of their skills and knowledge in para-rowing which is not facilitated here in Worcester. The grant has supported me financially to travel to Maindenhead for the next 6 months so i can up my training over the winter period.

Aims for the Future:     To compete in the ‘Head of the Charles’ Race in Boston USA, 2018