Trent Smith – Boxing

DOB 15/02/1996

BIRTHPLACE Durban, South Africa

Nationality British

Height 5ft 9in

Weight 60kg

Coach Mike Underwood and Steve Brown

Club Worcester City Amateur Boxing Club

I started off contact sport doing Karate at 6 years of age.  I had this strong passion for fighting in the ring and one day my father drove past Worcester City Boxing Club and I told him that I would like to see what Boxing is like.  I remember going to the Boxing Club in these very Big Boxing shorts and shirt and from the minute I started training I knew that I had found the sport for me.  I have always been a very good all round sportsman playing rugby, football, cricket, basketball, etc.  I have this natural ability.  I was 11 years old when I first  walked into the Boxing Gym.

 My Achievements include:

Trent won the Midlands Finals recently. He then went on to box again in London in the pre quarter finals of the English Nationals. He won his fight and he has progressed onto the next stage which means he fights again in London against an opponent from Ireland in the Quarter Finals of the English Nationals. He is doing extremely well.

Winning the Midlands Championship 3 times and the West Midlands Championships 3 times as well.  I have fought in the quarter finals of the ABA Nationals twice and I have fought in the Semi Finals of the ABA National  Championships   My most recent achievement being the Junior Midlands Champion.  

I know I have the ability and the potential to go all the way in Boxing.  I have achieved Midlands Championships through to Nationals 3 years in a row.  Boxing is a very expensive sport and the equipment doesn’t last with the amount of sweating that you do through very hard and grueling training and at the rate that I am growing I have to get new equipment and clothing regularly.  Without the support of my coaches, my club and Sport Worcester, I would never have been able to achieve what I have achieved

My goal is to make it to National level and represent England at the next Olympics. I know I have what it takes to achieve this.   I also want to turn Professional.

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